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Homeopathy is the most trusted natural type of medicine, with millions of people worldwide using it to this day. Homeopathy is based on the premise that the body can cure itself ” and with this in mind, Dr. Priyanka Bukkan, a famous homeopath, founded Homeopathy Care, a network of homeopathy Care clinics scattered throughout Kalaburgi.

Homeopathy care takes a comprehensive approach to treating patients with individualized Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment that is considerably superior than conventional therapies. It is made up of a highly qualified and experienced group of Homeopathic physicians who are specialists in their respective professions.

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    homeopathy clinic in kalaburgi

    Hair Loss

    Anxiety and depression​


    homeopathy clinic in kalaburgi


    Headaches and migraines​

    Headaches and migraines​

    Skin Problems

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    Happy Stories

    I am Naresh Kumar and am taking treatment for Piles. I was suffering from plies since the last 2 years. I have started treatment here 3 months ago and now I have been cured. Thanks to Homeopathy care.
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    Naresh Kumar
    The consultation was good. Doctor explained all aspects in detail. Very courteous staff. I have come here for treatment because my mother is cured of her psoriasis problem. Thanks to Dr. Priyanka
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    House wife
    Dr. Priyanka suggested to go for mesotherapy which actually worked quite well for me. After 10 sessions, i can say that my hair fall is reduced significantly. Even my facial allergy has reduced but still a long way to go.
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    Goutam Gupta

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